4. Sınıf İngilizce : 6. Ünite Test

1. How many arms _______ you got?


A) are

B) has

C) have

D) does


2. A: How many noses have you got?

B: I have got _______ nose.


A) four

B) three

C) two

D) one


3. _______ Fatoş _______ three eyes?


A) is / got

B) does / got

C) has / got

D) like / is


4. A: _______ is the bed?

B: It is in the bedroom.


A) how

B) where

C) what

D) have


5. Burak has got a _______ in the kitchen.


A) bathtub

B) cooker

C) bed

D) shower


6. I _______ one mouth.


A) does

B) do

C) have got

D) has got


7. A: Where is your brother?

B: _______.


A) He is on the bedroom.

B) He is at the bedroom

C) He is under the bedroom

D) He is in the bedroom


8. Where ______ the table?


A) are

B) is

C) on

D) in


9. He ______ in the living room.


A) be

B) are

C) am

D) is


10. ______ your sister at home?


A) Is

B) Are

C) Be

D) Am