7. sınıf ingilizce testi

Yayınlanma 7. Sınıf İngilizce Konu Anlatımı

Adı – Soyadı:



A. Aşağıda verilen burçlar (star signs) için geleceğe yönelik birer tane tahmin (prediction) cümlesi yazınız. (12 puan)

AquariusGemini           Pisces         Cancer





B. Verilen kelimeleri uygun boşluklara yerleştiriniz. Bir tanesi artacaktır. (10 puan)

       lucky           talents                shouldn't               pessimistic                intelligent              heart                         


1. You _____________________ eat junk food. It is not good for your health. 

2. Simon is very hard-working and _______________________ . He is a very good student. 

3. I am not optimistic. I am very _________________________ about the future. 

4. I am Aquarius. My _______________________ day is Wednesday. 

5. According to palmistry, friendly people have a strong ____________________  Line. 


C. Aşağıda verilen paragrafı okuyarak soruları cevaplayınız. (15 puan)

Hello friends! My name is Jack. I am 13 years old. I am a student. My birthday is on the 15th of September, so, my star sign is Virgo. My mother is Capricorn and my father is Taurus. I don't believe in horoscopes but my mother does. She reads the horoscope columns in the paper every day. According to the predictions about me, I will spend a lot of money next week. My mum says I should be careful about it or she will not give me any pocket money!


1.When is Jack's birthday? ___________________________________________________________ .

2.What's Jack's star sign? ____________________________________________________________ .

3.Does Jack believe in horoscopes? ____________________________________________________ .

4.What are Jack's parents' star signs? ___________________________________________________

              ________________________________________________________________________ .

5.What will Jack do next week? ______________________________________________________ . 


D. Jack ile ilgili verilen bilgilere bakarak paragraftaki boşlukları uygun şekilde doldurunuz. (12 puan)


His name is ________________________ and he is ____________________ years old. He is a ______________________ . He lives in ___________________  in  ___________________. 

He has got a bicycle, _____________________ , _____________________

and _____________________ . He has got ___________________________________ hair and _____________________ eyes. He weighs _____________________ and he is _____________________  tall.


Name:  Jack Sullivan

Age: 13

Job: student 

City: London / England

Possessions: a bicycle, a computer, a mobile phone and a dog

Hair: short, straight and blond

Eyes: blue

Weight: 45 kg 

Height: 1.65 cm

E. Verilen kelimeleri uygun boşluklara yerleştiriniz. Bir tanesi artacaktır. (10 puan)

      generous                talkative                    selfish                  shy                optimistic           successful


1. Travis only likes himself. He doesn't care about others. He is very _________________________ .

2. Sally loves buying gifts for her friends. She is _____________________ . 

3. Tom is a ___________________ student. He is hard-working and clever. 

4. Rick likes talking a lot. He is a very _____________________ person. 

5. Mary doesn't like talking in front of other people. She is very ____________________ . 


F. Haritaya bakarak diyaloglardaki boşlukları doğru şekilde doldurunuz. (26 puan)

Dialogue 1

John: Excuse me, how can I go to the art galllery?

Daniel: Walk along the _______________________.

Pass the _______________ . Turn _______________

at the bookstore. Then, turn __________________ and _______________ the street.  It is on your ________________ . 

John: Thank you.

Daniel: You're welcome.


Dialogue 2

Christine: Excuse me, how can I go to the museum?

Becky: ___________________ the Smiths Street. _________________ the cafe and the bookstore. _________________ left into the Harrison Street. _________________ right at the corner. _________________ the library.  It is _________________ your ______________. 

Christine: Thanks a lot!

Becky: You're welcome.      



G. Boşluklara  verilen kelimeleri doğru şekilde yerleştiriniz. Bir tanesi artacaktır. (5 puan)

          plane        airport       delicious    tourist attractions    transportation      accommodation 


1.Uzungöl and Hagia Sophia are some of the ___________________________ in Trabzon.

2.We will travel to Europe by _______________________ because I don't like buses or trains.

3._______________________ is easy in Istanbul. There are so many hotels and hostels. 

4.You can taste _______________________ dishes in Trabzon. The food is really wonderful. 

5.You can go there by bus, plane or ship. _________________________ is very easy. 


H. Doğru şıkkı seçiniz. (10 puan)

1.Hangisi bir öneri (suggestion) cümlesidir?

             a) I will go to the school.               b) Shall we go to the theatre?

             c) He is always late for school.     d) You must be careful. 

2.Hangi cümle bir tavsiye (advice) belirtir?

            a) I think you should study more.          b) I am not going to eat breakfast.

            c) Why don't we go swimming?            d) They will sell their car.

3.No, I don't ____ to go to the museum.

             a) will           b)  should               c) want              d) won't

4.____ you ______ films?

             a) Do / likes watching  b) Does / like watch        c) Do / like watch       d) Do / like watching

5.I am not interested _______ reading books. 

             a) in         b) on         c) at        d) about

                                 GOOD LUCK!